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Rihanna Gets 3 Year Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker



Rihanna just got a new reason to make a stalker “Stay”….away that is.

Yesterday, the Barbadian pop star was granted a 3 year restraining order from Steveland Barrow, a crazy stalker who was arrested for breaking into her home last month.  Upon arrest, Barrow claimed he’d been “invited” by Rihanna, and was simply delivering some poetry….as he slept in one of her beds. (Riiight.)

The restraining order maintains that Barrow must stay at least 100 yards away from the “Only Girl in [his] World,” until the year 2016.

Rihanna requested the restraining order after suffering “substantial emotional distress and concern for her personal safety” due to the break in.  Thankfully, the pop star can now rest easy as she completes the rest of her international Diamonds tour, without worrying about a stalker shacking up in her guest rooms.

As a sidenote, this isn’t Rihanna’s first experience with a restraining order.  She obtained her first restraining order back in 2009 against, her then-ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.  The judge lifted the restraining order in 2011, and less then 2 years later, the couple publicly reconciled.

So take heart, crazy-stalker-fan Steveland Barrow – there may be hope for you still.


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