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R&B singer Ne-Yo continues to be haunted by remarks that he made on VH1′s Behind The Music. It was on the show that the star claimed ex-girlfriend Jessica White tricked him into thinking that he was the father of her child. White is now suing Ne-Yo for suggesting that she bilked him of “ungodly amounts of money” and is an “unchaste woman.”

After the initial VH1 program aired, Ne-Yo took to twitter to soften the blow of his remarks, writing:

“I need it to be known that the purpose of my BEHIND THE MUSIC wasn’t to bash Jessica White. We were young, mistakes were made. I FORGAVE,” says Ne-Yo. “Holding grudges messes with your blessings. I do not hate Jessica White. I wish her and lil’ Chimere all the best wherever they are. LOVE.”

Despite those efforts, White claims her reputation was damaged by Ne-Yo’s comments. .

She argues that she did not try to defraud the singer, and that Ne-Yo’s statements on the VH1 program has led to her being called derogatory names; she also claims that her career as a photographer and graphic designer has suffered because of the remarks.

White is suing for unspecified damages.

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