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Morgan Freeman Talks ‘Olympus Has Fallen’



HipHollywood sat down with Morgan Freeman to talk about his role in the Antoine Fuqua directed thriller, Olympus Has Fallen.

The film is centered around the White House Secret Service Code being captured by a terrorist mastermind who uses it to kidnap the President. The national security team relies on a former presidential guard, played by Gerard Butler, to help retake the White House and save the President.

During the chaos, Freeman, who plays Speaker Of The House, must step in as acting President. “It’s a good action movie, and with any luck at all it will make its money back,” he shared during a recent sit down with HH.

And when asked if he had to channel his inner Barack Obama for the role, the actor laughed, candidly telling HipHollywood he doesn’t have an inner Obama. “Barack may have an inner Morgan,” he joked.

Check out what else the star had to say below:

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