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Lil’ Wayne Drops “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album



Lil Wayne‘s tenth studio album, I Am Not A Human Being II, has officially been released. The cover art, designed by Kanye’s DONDA brand, is a Silence Of The Lambs looking moth.

“Moths always transform into butterflies,” Cortez Bryant, Lil Wayne’s manager and Chief Visionary Officer of Young Money, told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “Wayne continues to reinvent himself, but every phase always ends up a beautiful thing.”

For the record and sake of SAT scores across America, moths DON’T turn into butterflies.

“It’s mixtape Weezy – straight street bangers you’re going to hear in the club,” Bryant told Rolling Stone. “The sound is more urban, with no R&B hooks, and the wordplay is still incredible and shocking – every bar has some witty punchline. Wayne really took it back to his roots.”

If you order the deluxe edition of I Am Not A Human Being II, you will get 3 bonus songs: “Lay It Down” featuring Cory Gunz and Nicki Minaj, “Hot Revolver” featuring Dre, and “My Homies Still” featuring Big Sean. You can also buy the album from Target and that will include a bonus track called “Sh*t Stain“.

Check out more of the album’s artwork below:

Will you be buying this album?

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