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Lil’ Kim Sues Lawyer For $1 Million



Lil’ Kim claims in a new lawsuit that she’s been cheated out of $1 million in endoresement deals by her lawyer and business partner, Sunny Barkats, and his associate, Andrew Ro.

According to reports, the rapper is suing Bakrats for $1 million on the grounds that he promised her multimillion dollar deals for brands in the alcohol, cosmetic and perfume businesses.

In the suit, which was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court on March 8, Lil Kim claims Bakrats and Ro cheated her out of “valuable trademark and branding rights” while somehow usurping 44-percent control of a corporation started to license the perfume, cosmetic and alcohol brands.

Barkat released a statement calling the suit “another frivolous attempt by Lil’ Kim and her attorneys to get out of what is otherwise a binding agreement.”

That being said, would you endorse a makeup and perfume line that Lil’ Kim was associated with? We’re not sure what your answer is, but we know what ours is.

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