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Kim Kardashian: I Didn’t Say Nigeria Is Disgusting



Kim Kardashian took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to deny tweeting a nasty message about Nigeria and it’s people.

A Photoshopped tweet was released on Tuesday under the reality stars name, reading: “Nigeria is such a disgusting country. I couldn’t wait to leave. Lol Scott said their women look like apes, and I agree.”

The tweet generated major buzz on the social media website, in fact, many people fell for the nasty comment including Nigerian rapper 2shotz. “F**k Kim Kardarshian… wld she say such about naija girls,” the rapper tweeted.

Kim quickly shut down the fake comments, tweeting:

“I see there’s a Photoshopped tweet floating around, supposedly something I said about Nigeria. That was NOT me, or my feelings. That fake tweet is very disturbing and I would NEVER EVER tweet something like that.”

Kim, who is preparing to have a baby with boyfriend Kanye West, visited the African country last month.


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