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Justin Bieber’s Alleged Battery Against Neighbor



Reports just surfaced that Justin Bieber is under investigation for alleged battery against his neighbor.

TMZ first reported that a Ferrari was delivered on a flatbed truck to the singer’s home Monday night, and that the Biebs decided to take the whip for an early morning spin Wednesday morning. Sounds like the Biebs adrenaline got the best of him, because Justin’s early morning fun made one neighbor very unhappy.

Bieber allegedly caused so much ruckus, a neighbor marched over to Bieber’s Calabasas home to confront him. The neighbor felt like Justin was endangering the community by tearing through the streets at breakneck speeds.

The confrontation led to a very heated verbal altercation, and was reported that Bieber allegedly made contact with the neighbor, as well as threatened him. Looks like JB won’t be borrowing sugar from this neighbor any time soon.

HipHollywood is waiting for an official statement from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department about the ongoing investigation.

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1 Comment

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