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Halle Berry Has Been In Therapy Since Age 10



Halle Berry appears to have it all. Fame, love, a healthy child, and stunning looks. But the Academy Award winning beauty recently came out and shared that she has been seeing a therapist for nearly thirty years.

According to reports, Berry admitted that she had been in therapy the majority of her life. The actress began seeking help years ago to help tackle issues pertaining to her alcoholic father. “I’ve done therapy on an as-needed basis since I was probably 10 years old. My father was an alcoholic and a very abusive one,” Halle explained.

Berry, who is now engaged to Olivier Martinez, said that her mother suggested Halle see a therapist. “My mother knew the value of providing me with the outlet of an unbiased person to talk to,” the actress shared.

Now, the 46-year-old, and mother to five-year-old Nahla, relies on her therapist whenever having personal problems. “I’ve done that all my life when times get stressful. It really helps me deal with stuff,” the mom shared.

Whatever helps Ms. Berry cope, more power to it.

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