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Gucci Turns Himself In, + Why Waka Says He’ll Never Work With Him Again



Gucci Mane has real problems.  The rap artist is back in jail after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with an alleged unprovoked assault on a fan earlier this month.

His accuser is a war veteran (who’s toured in Afghanistan) who said he approached Gucci for an autograph at an ATL nightclub, when the rapper bashed him in the head with a champagne bottle.

Days later, a second man in Philadelphia also stepped forward, claiming that Gucci has assaulted him as well on a separate occasion.

Nearly a week after police issued a warrant for his arrest, Gucci finally turned himself in.  He was promptly book on aggravateded assault charges.  At his hearing with the judge on Wednesday morning, he was denied bail.

To add to that (although this may not currently be on Gucci’s list of priorities) – former protogé Waka Flocka Flame is also speaking out his beef with Gucci.  After Gucci called him “disloyal” on Twitter, and announced that he had dropped him from the label,  Waka sat down with RapFix to give his side of the story.

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On the beef, Waka denied any rumors that Gucci’s Twitter was hacked, and said he believed that Gucci wrote the message himself…although he claimed he had no idea why.  Waka went on to say:

“I’m the most loyal man you’ll ever see.  I took on [Gucci’s] beef….risked my life, risked my freedom…To my knowledge, it can’t be nothing but jealousy.  Because there’s nothing I did disloyal.”

Waka also called Gucci “cowardly” for airing their private rift via Twitter, and said there would never be “any business” between them again.

Watch the full interview below and let us know your thoughts on Gucci’s current situation:


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