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Exclusive: Paparazzo Allegedly Assaulted By Hopper Penn WILL Press Charges!



When paparazzo Vladimir Labissiere set out to get a few shots of Sean Penn and his son Hopper things got drastically out of hand — and Labissiere told HipHollywood he plans to press charges!

Vladimir claims Hopper pushed him, flipped him the bird, then hurled racial and gay slurs at him — And that seems to be a pretty accurate account of the altercation. In the paps video you can seen young Penn ram into the camera, through up his middle finger, then turn back and yell “you’re a f*cking fa**ot” and “shut up, you f*cking ni**er”.

The seasoned pap says he stayed calm during the entire incident and chose not to retaliate physically because Hopper is just a “little kid”. But, after initially deciding not to go forward with legal action, Labissiere has had a change of heart and wants to teach 19 year-old Hopper a lesson telling HH, “I don’t want him to feel like this is normal behavior and it’s ok to do this, like it’s not cool.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Vladimir Labissiere to hear his side of the story and also find out if he accepts Hoppers apology, if he plans to sue and why he thinks Hopper Penn is racist.

HipHollywood has reached out to Sean Penn’s rep for a statement but have yet to hear back. Story developing…

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  2. XYZ

    May 7, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    Vladimir needs to get over it.. he is the SAME person out on the streets doing THE SAME THING to other people!!!! He is THE LAST PERSON to preach and try to take a stand for this behavioral stuff when HE himself is a BULLY and PERPETRATOR in the streets while on the job to ALL kinds of people. Don’t let the BS coming out of his mouth make him look like a polished well behaved, well spoken, guy with good intentions. He is like this in front of the cameras and on the radio and is a total fraud, he is NOT this person in real life, its all a front. He is just trying to find a way to get money. Bottom line!!! That’s it, money at all costs. He provokes people and celebrities. This is not the first time, and it GUARANTEED will not be the last. He is a sucker, kissing ass in his 15 minutes of fame, kissing ass and trying to make nice in the media, but on the flip, HIS TRUE COLORS, he is JUST LIKE PENN, an aggressive out of control abusive guy that has his day coming…. Don’t believe this fool!! Don’t support his lies and bullsh*t. Just don’t.. Trust, its the truth what I am saying here today, and I will say it over and over and over, he is the last person that should be trying to stand up for justice and harassment and racism especially, he targets everyone and calls them out, trust!!

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