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Eff Your Lawsuit: Bow Wow Vows He Won’t Pay Stripper



As HipHollywood reported, Bow Wow found himself on the short end of a lawsuit yesterday, when a judge ruled that he owed a French porn star nearly $80,000 for using images of her without her consent.

The adult film star, Celine Tran, claimed that Bow Wow stole footage of her pole dancing in a different music video (click here if you missed it), and used it in his own video for his remix to “Drank In My Cup.”

Bow Wow never even dignified her lawsuit with a response, and in his silence, the judge ruled against him and ordered him to pay up!

For anyone else, this would have been the beginning of a bad day.  Not so for Bow Wow – because, despite the court ruling, he has no intentions of paying Tran!

Via his Facebook page, Bow Wow responded to the court’s decision in this way:

Bow Wow FB

While Bow Wow may have a point, this is all information that probably would have been more helpful if provided BEFORE the judge ruled against him!   But maybe better late than never. (Maybe not.)

However, it will be interesting to see how the court will react to Bow Wow’s refusal to pay!  (Does he have any other Lamborghinis that they can repossess?)

Stay tuned to HipHollywood as we keep you updated.  In the meantime, sound off below with your thoughts on the situation!

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