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Chris Brown Talks New Album, New Relationship With Rihanna, And Moving Past Negativity



Chris Brown is ready to move on.  On his upcoming sixth album, titled X, he claims he’s facing his demons of the past, and looking forward to the future.  In an interview with Rolling Stone he said:

“Making X, I found out who I am.  This album has a lot of substance, from the subject matter and the situations to how it deals with love. It’s really derived from personal experiences. Then again, I always like mixing reality with art.”

The first single off the album, “Fine China,” is set to be released April 1st.  Of the single, Brown said that he didn’t want to go “totally pop,” and “tried to stay away from the Euro beats.”  Instead, he took his influence from the R&B/Soul greats Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Sam Cooke.  He explained:

“I wanted to put that classic essence of R&B and soul with the new age of music now. There’s a lot of live instruments, and a lot less Auto-Tune. I really wanted to demonstrate my vocal ability, creating the vibe of me singing along with a band.”

So far, Kendrick Lamar is the only guest feature that Brown would confirm is on the album.  Brown said he specifically picked MTV’s #1 rated rapper specifically because Lamar’s “subject matter as a lyricist is beyond everybody else’s.”  Although he said that he wrote a song for Rihanna and recorded it with her (called “Put It Up”) he’s still not certain if it will make the album.

Brown realizes that his relationship with Rihanna is still a touchy subject for most people.  In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, he revealed that his ‘history’ with Rihanna made him realize that “you can lose it all.”  Brown elaborated:

“And not just fame and stardom.  I’m talking about [you can lose] your dignity, your integrity.  You can lose yourself…It was a learning process…I’m getting better every day.”

On he described that experience as the “worst time of [his] life,” and said that in their new relationship, he’s tried to “make sure that everything is fun.”  

Although Brown’s old ways have seemed to come back to haunt him recently, he views his new album as a redemption, a “representation of overcoming adversity.”  He added:

“Basically, I’m saying the negativity is in the past for me.  I’m just all about positivity and moving forward, being able to X out the negativity and stay on a focused path. Now, instead of me being the temperamental guy that everyone thinks I am, I’m more about crafting that into my music, so when my fans hear it, they can feel it.”


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